Friday, February 16, 2024

Week's [Rear] End

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot." - Michael Altshuler

My week had a dizzying clip to it. I think I blinked and it was Friday night.

And somewhere in there (several times, to be precise), I thought about the blog post(s) I wanted to find time to write, even after my chosen publish day (Tuesday) for these posts had passed. 

I can say I was very productive, but as to being present, that's another story entirely. I buzzed along, determined to check things off my lists without being in the moment and actually experiencing the act of each task. So in a way, I feel a little cheated. Not to say everything I did this week was a thing I looked forward to completing. Not at all. 

But isn't there a level of tempering or forging one's being that is gained from being present even in the mundane tasks of each day? Aren't we each worn or formed by the [sometimes repetitive] tasks, for better or for worse, that we perform in our daily lives? And then alternatively, by the more unique, strange, exciting or fun things thrown in? It makes me think of sanding and buffing one of my sculptures.


the mundane and the fun things: both necessary

And then painting and adding details. The smoothing is often tedious, but offers a certain satisfaction. The painting is the splash of excitement. They are both necessary to complete the piece. 

Yesterday, I [begrudgingly] agreed to ride scooters with my 4 year old niece. I love my niece, and I like to be intentional about giving her my time now. While she still wants it. But I had a to-do list hanging over my head that told me I didn't have the time to give. I did it anyway, telling myself in my head "this is important", "it's a really nice day out", and "you always say you need outdoor exercise". We had fun, and I had no regrets.

Except that the week took its normal course (RUDE), and that I'm here writing my Tuesday post on Friday. 

No complaints, no complaints, no complaints. Just a little resolve to be more present in the week ahead, even if it means being a little less productive. ♡

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