Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Joy of Low Key

I have not been ignoring this blog. I have just been thinking about it from afar. While I do lots of other things. The good thing is that they were fun, creative, productive things.

*Yawn* K, so it's the week of Christmas, and I've kept the hustle and bustle to a minimum. Well, at least outside home. I did all my hustling and bustling here, away from the crowded stores, running around in my socks, finishing some creative projects and pieces, shipping others, and starting still more. Anyway, today (a beautiful day) has been some of this:

And a lot of this, as the day wore on:

I'm getting some work done, but the sound of that rain getting heavier outside as dusk sets in is making me think about some of this:

And maybe a little later:

A book and a nice fire to read by could be nice, too. Okay! Back to work, lol.
But later maybe...