Friday, September 30, 2011


No matter what I do, some days my simplest goal, balance, eludes me. It doesn't happen often. Yesterday I was running like a well oiled machine, going from one thing to the next, checking things off lists and savoring a sense of accomplishment as I barreled through my day, determined to maximize every moment afforded me. What made it balanced for me was that I also found time to do personal things for me. Today, however, was a dog of a different color. While I usually manage to efficiently stagger projects, starting on some while others dry, completing some things while others progress, I just couldn't get my rhythm right, couldn't seem to manage my time the same today.

Instead I ran back and forth and in circles trying to determine what needed to go first, what could wait, what was simple and could get knocked off the list quickly, etc.. My mental lists, proven steps, and internal clock just didn't sync up for me today. I decided not to be irritated, because everyday can't be like yesterday.
warrior, a new sculpture, available soon
I still have a few hours left in this day. Maybe this should be that slow down day I promised myself. It is the weekend, after all...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lucid Pursuits

Okay, so how far is just too far, lol? Not long ago I was going about my day as usual, when the memory of a dream I had had the night before came to me. You know how that happens... hours after you get up something triggers a flashback to your adventures in dreamland. Anyway, I remembered a dream where, clear as a bell, I could see some of my materials. I was looking over different components that I have in real life, and designing things. Seriously. Actually working out how stuff should be made in the dream. Great, so I found a way to get more done, even while I'm asleep, lol! And I didn't even sleepwalk (as I have been known to do). Now if I could figure out a way to harness this and decide which projects to to delegate to dream Renée... Maybe if I tucked some tools under my pillows...

Monday, September 5, 2011

Things I Make for Me

It's true, as an artist, I spend a lot of time making things for other people. But I also find time to make things just for lil' ol me. Sometimes those things go on to be copied to sell or give as gifts, but the point is, they started out made by me especially for me :o). Here's the latest item of note:
A bunch of wool I had
laying around...
Plus a bar of soap...
Equals a scrubby wool felted soap.
This little bar with its new wool jacket is great for scrubbing paint, glue, etc. off of my hands when I finish a session in my studio. No, I wouldn't make this to sell- there are oodles of folks who already do, but since I knew how, and the materials were around, why not do a lil' something just for me?