Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Ball's in Your Court

I am a creative person obsessed with productivity and progress. And while this has kept me silent here, for lack of time to post, I've been enjoying the fruits of my efforts elsewhere (info coming). Anyway, when I get an idea in my head, I hate little distractions from the working to realize said idea. But I noticed that regular short breaks actually helped my productivity, so I've developed the habit of pausing my work to stretch, go outside, check social media (which must have a time limit attached!). It acts as a reset button, and has proven not to slow down my work, problem solving, or new ideas, but actually help it. Like blasting fresh air through my mind, lol. Anyway, recently, I saw a video online that intrigued me. As usual, I already had 5-6 browser windows open, working on a number of different things simultaneously. I hate seeing tempting video links online, and this one toyed with my resistance to open yet another tab, or get drawn into another thing. But I gave in and clicked, and learned about something I had never heard of before. I thought it was pretty cool, so I'm sharing it below.

As for my new developments, I have a new collection called Motif, which can be found on my website, and lots of other things in the works. The past few months (well, this year, really), have been a time of quietly working and building to realize long sought dreams and goals for myself and my work. There have been all kinds of new ideas, resolution of old ones, problems, solutions, planning, sacrificing, and reaching outside of my comfort zone. But as I start to see things materialize even in tiny measures, I have every expectation that it'll all be worth it. I also have a number of draft posts in the back office here, which I hope to complete and publish soon. You, dear reader, are special, so I like to carefully craft what I share for utmost inspiration here. I'll be sharing more soon. And without further adieu, that video I mentioned about a dissertation ago, lol:

Inspired by these mysterious spheres? Find some not-so-mysterious handmade ones to add to your decor 
in my website store. And the new collection, Motif.