Sunday, April 24, 2016

Seasons of Anticipation

so pretty
Spring Azaleas
I could make lists of the things I love about every season. I've lived in the Southeast for many years now, and have lived further north, west, and south. So I've experienced seasons in several extremes. 

We're well into Spring in Georgia, settled in enough for the pollen to have subsided, but the season still fresh enough to awaken the senses. Its arrival made me think about how much I relish every season. Before the first signs, I begin to anticipate all the little things I will enjoy. It's not just about the weather. It's the seasonal food, the family, friends, even the clothes... All the little things that I have come to look forward to, and that have contributed to sweet memories and lots of creative inspiration over the years. look up!I like to "pre-savor" each season in early appreciation, since they often seem to pass so quickly. Sort of like the anticipation I feel when I see my plate coming in a restaurant. I'm almost glad it's not quite there, because I get to start appreciating the experience before it even reaches me. It's much nicer than looking up one day and realizing with sadness, that the days, the light, the colors that belong only to that season are swiftly slipping away, that exact time never to be recaptured outside of memories.

I don't consider myself old, but I've grown to appreciate other things in my life that way-- people, places, projects, etc. Day to day, consciously or unconsciously, things grow and change. The world is constantly changing. And my answer to that is to constantly renew my promise to me: to pause in anticipation, appreciation, and expectation of a season of wonderful things.♥
Spring flowers
fresh cut!