Friday, November 5, 2010


just a few of many colors, shapes and textures I see and glean inspiration from daily...

 ... these were even prettier after I tossed them in with banana slices and flaxseed.  And soooo good!

 fall has officially arrived in Georgia

 candy buttons - a childhood favorite

I'm always amazed at how the trees never give up reaching for the sky, no matter how many storms and seasons they've weathered.  Could they exist as a beautiful example?

Anyway, my deep thought for the day: if I could spend all day everyday striving to mirror all the wondrous things I see and echo all the amazing experiences of life, as though I'm constantly turning to the world and saying "hey, look at that!", then I would truly, fully, finally consider myself an artist.  
(Does that mean people who post great videos on youtube are artists? ;o))