Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm in Love with a {Wonderful?} Soy...

natural goodness or not so much?
Okay, here's the thing.  I must be the last person to become conscious of the whole soy craze sweeping the nation, because apparently it's old news and people have been talking about switching to soy products for years.  I stumbled onto it late in the game in a search to decrease the dairy in my diet.  I am a generally healthy person who prefers preventative measures over drugs and hospitals.  I also like to try to eat and conduct my life on the healthier side, but I'm no health nut.  Anyway things like persistent sinus problems and other minor annoyances, drove me to consider what changes I could make.  Dairy it was.  I love dairy in all its cheesy, creamy, sweet, savory manifestations, but I was willing to try something different.
soy froths so nicely!
In walks soy.  It was obvious from the start that we would be close, considering that soy can be and do so many tasty things (one of my favorites being vanilla soy milk).  It sorta... got under my skin (biting my knuckles dramatically like one of those noir film ladies from the 40's talking to a Bogart type).  But then while doing some researching online, I found discussions speculating about whether soy was actually good for us, or if it was a horrible low cost government machination to fill the void in capitalism created by people who don't wish to consume hormone-laced cow's milk.  AAaarrrggghhh!  What's a girl to do, eat her corn flakes with water?!  (noir dame grabs guy's shirt dramatically, shaking him hysterically)  Anyway, the jury is still out on soy, there's more research to be done before I can decide, and I'm finding so much conflicting info all over the web ... anybody got any good advice?