Tuesday, November 13, 2012

An Artist's Tools

New feature! If you're new to my blog, I'll just let you know that I'm a multimedia artist. What that basically means is that I'm a creative person with a short attention span. No, seriously, what it means is that I love working in many different materials and disciplines. It's a wonderful thing, because I never get bored. I'm always challenged as I discover new things in my work, many of which can be taken from one medium and applied to another. So there's a serendipitous fusion kinda thing that happens frequently in my workspace. I love it.
Anyway, in this new regular feature, "An Artist's Tools", I will share some of the fun, bizarre, and, I think, unexpected tools that I use to get the things I create. I'm excited, because I've got a LOT of tools that I use in my various pursuits, and I think they might tell you a lot about me. Anyway, here is the very first of this new feature, highlighting my most basic pursuit, drawing. Drawing is the seed for a lot of things in my work, and is often the conduit through which bigger, grander things can develop. Here are some of my tools:
1. sketchbooks in assorted sizes that can go everywhere easily
2. bull clips for clipping scraps from magazines, etc. into sketchbooks for inspiration
3. compact pencil sharpener 4. gum eraser 5. colored pencils 6. rubber eraser
7. pencils 8. pens
There you have it. I look forward to sharing more soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Merry November

Let's face it. The holidays are in, like, five minutes, like it or not. I actually had my first orders for Christmas gifts this week. I hate to say it, but I have joined the ranks of those who dread the holidays, even though I love the family time. The yearly premature push into the gimmicks of the holidays, the rushing around, the endless to-do lists. So there's no explanation for how gleefully I gift wrapped the items for my customers, except my love of pretty packaging and giving smart, thoughtful gifts. Luckily, I've been preparing for packing holiday orders early, because I love to enclose some extra special touches.
For starters, I reordered a favorite piece I like to stick in with all my orders. Moo.com  offers these high quality, affordable mini cards that I make into little bookmarks for my customers.

These have been a fun, easy way to remind people where to find me. Next, I ordered some tiny jot pads inside matchbooks, for which I designed little stickers. These were super affordable, and will hopefully be fun and useful for my customers.

Then, I designed some new care labels to enclose/stick onto various items for which I felt
customers would benefit from instructions. Also from moo.com. 
 Finally, I snagged some gorgeous ribbon and tissue, at half off their regular price. I love combining texture and color to give a preview of what's inside, so I picked some things that I hope will excite their recipents. I feel like I could go all "Martha Stewart" on these orders now. Alright, holidays, bring it on. But please be gentle!