Sunday, September 12, 2010

juuussst staaaaarrrrt!!!! Sheesh!

Okay, here I am, slinking back to try to get this thing pulled together once and for all...
Lol, I've been busy, but now, because I've been busy, I need to come clean house a little before company starts showing up.
I keep telling myself (like I sometimes tell people about my website) that it doesn't match my vision, but unless I hire some psychic web design person, it won't overnight. Best approach, as I say about a lot of things is just to start, focus, and watch it gradually become what I need it to be.
For starters, it is not entirely accidental that the post space is a compact little window, lol.
If I log on one time and see a big blank box to fill, well, that'll kill the motivation and we'll go another 9 months before the next advance. Anyway, this is it. Here we go. Uh, I mean, later. I'll do more later. Not two months or anything. But, next week or something ;o).