Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Things I Make for Me: Glasses Wall

As a creative person, I often find myself falling into DIY projects for my own needs and for others. While I'm not on the level of doing things like electrical work, I can do a mean faux stone wall, make a lamp, or set up a decent home theater. 

I really enjoy repurposing old things or using things I find cheap to create items to make life easier and more fun. A while back on this blog, I started (but have not yet continued) a series called Things I Make for Me. It's been a while since I added to that particular series, but I've got lots to share in that realm. So today I'm going to revive the series with something I created recently for my personal sanity!

A little backstory: I've worn glasses since I insisted I needed them around the age of 10. And though I like to wear contacts for social settings, at home, for work, and for things like running errands, I'm usually wearing glasses. There are so many cute, stylish glasses available these days, that the last few years, every time I have to change my prescription, I can't help but collect several pairs. Last fall I had to dispose of several broken pairs and update my prescription. So of course I had to treat myself to some beautiful new optical accessories. Once I had collected several of the colors and styles from my wishlists, I found myself juggling piles of glasses falling everywhere, trying to prevent them from getting scratched or otherwise damaged. Until I finally had a brainstorm to fix the problem. I measured the width of all my glasses, then decided a width that would suit them all. I found some clear acrylic display shelves that were the perfect depth to fit on the wall behind my bedroom door. 

a tiny shelf
Down the side of my long mirror (where I could try them on with my outfit du jour), I arranged a series of seven small acrylic shelves that I had ordered online. They came with hardware and mounting tape, and I opted to use the mounting tape. Once they were up, all of my old and new specs were safely stored where I could easily find them and choose a pair. 
 the puck light

To finish it all off, I added a tiny white shelf and a puck light (both from my local Dollar Tree) to the top, for extra light and storage. I attached the puck light to the bottom of the shelf and placed my extra glasses cleaning cloths and rubber stoppers on the shelf, along with a few decorative odds and ends. I love this whole setup. I just want to hang around staring at it, lol. But I also love that it disappears neatly behind my opened door, organized and out of the way. And I'm inspired to work some organizational magic in other spaces, too. 

While I can't promise these will be active/available long term, I'm placing links for items (or similar options) I mentioned below. 

Did this inspire you? What do you think of this idea?

a display to rival a fancy optical boutique ☺️

Find the light here. (dollartree.com) I highly recommend investing in rechargeable batteries. I use them for these and lots of other things and they are great!

Find the little white shelf here. It also comes in black! (dollartree.com) 

The acrylic shelves here. (Temu)

The eyeglass stoppers are here. (Temu)

I don't receive any sort of commission from the above links, but here's my *affiliate link for Temu:

*I do get credit/commission for orders placed through this!

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