Thursday, September 24, 2015

Creative [Personal] History

I love wire sculpture. I don't often have the time to do it, but today I made some time for the sake of an idea that's been hounding me for a while. Here's the work in progress: 
The idea is an offshoot of an exercise an art teacher gave me to do when I was a kid. She showed me how to sketch what I called "scribble" people, so I could practice figure drawing. Soon I was drawing them constantly, in various poses, then referring to them for more traditional sketches.
click to enlarge
I think they helped my understanding and technique in life drawing. 
At least, my life drawing professor at college years later seemed to appreciate what I was producing by the time I reached him. I had left the figures on the page and had been constructing figures in clay, wire, and whatever else was handy, culminating in a life sized wire figure sculpture, which won me his seal of approval and a spot in a student exhibition.

Fast forward to today, and I'm picking up an old love to use in new work. I'm a big believer that whether we seek it or not, life mandates an accumulation of bits and pieces that fit together into a bigger picture. It sometimes takes time to reveal itself, but makes so much sense in the end. Sorta like pointillism, lol.

I made a quick video to demonstrate, but as I was working around things propped and finagled to get the angle right, my hand and the sketch are kinda clumsy. I hope you get the idea, lol. 
Try some scribble people yourself!