Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Creative's Collection

So, as a creative person, with all kinds of ideas and inspiration constantly running through my bean, I have been known to hoard things, both in my head and in my physical space. I'm drawn to things that have a unique beauty, and it's a bonus if they have a little story attached to them, or just a little mystery that prompts me to create my own story for them. I don't really consider myself a collector, though. In my mind, when I think of collector, I think of the people you see on t.v. with rooms and rooms of stuff that all follows a {sometimes} strange theme. I don't have anything like that, just a few treasured things that have some meaning for me. One of my favorite personal collections is my handkerchiefs. I don't have a lot of them, but I enjoy them for their pretty colors and the stories behind some of them. I inherited most of them from my grandmothers, but some of them were just gifts or lucky finds at vintage shops.

I know these are the days of kleenex purse packs, but when I remember to, I like to drop one of these in my purse to use. It's a bonus if I have one that goes with what I'm wearing.

One of my grandmothers, who was a part of the era of women who wore hats, gloves, and carried hankies on regular days. Most of these were hers.

This one is a favorite, for its color, and its cut-out leaf design. It's one of the inherited ones and was once lost, I thought forever. I had left it behind at a wedding reception, and when I realized it, I called the hotel, but no one seemed to have seen it. Over a month later, it showed up in a little white envelope that came in the mail. I was SO relieved- and I felt like Nana must have helped it find its way back to me herself, lol.

Anyway, I don't really care about adding to this collection, and I think my grandmothers would be pleased to know I'm actually using them, not letting them sit in a box somewhere, hidden. The best part of collecting is enjoying your treasures, right?