Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the Morning After

I've already blogged (on my old blog) about how I think holidays like Valentine's Day are a load of crap, and nothing but a way for card companies, jewelers, and florists to capitalize on people's disillusioned expectations, so I won't rehash all that, lol.  I will say that I had a revelation recently that folks who are not inclined to be "retail romantics" the rest of the year should actually like this capitalist imposed day, because they can provide the obligatory flourish of token gifts and gestures on this day, then spend the rest of the year relaxing on their laurels, every so often reminding their significant other of the special day they paid fo- er, created.  Just think of how making a little fuss on the one day could rack up points for the whole year!   

Wikipedia's definition doesn't seem to quantify any dollar amounts or material gain prerequisites in the formula for love (yes, I realize that in the real world, money, and the flow of it is an unavoidable thing). I maintain that I prefer a man with whom I can exchange everyday gestures that say we care: "honey, I made dinner", "babe, thanks for taking the car for an oil change", "sweetie, I scrubbed out that ring of grit you left in the tub...".  
I don't know what my male counterparts think (chime in anytime, guys!), but in my opinion, in everyday life, these things add up to more than one day of forced gift showering (course, a girl couldn't turn down an impulse "just because" token, but I want something because you thought of me and wanted to do something nice, not because you think you'd better or I'll be ticked).  

All that aside, everyday is a day for love, with people who understand what that is.  Wouldn't it 
be awesome if everyone recognized the loved ones and the "soulmates" all around them (not just their significant others), and recognized everyday as an opportunity to share and demonstrate love in their words and actions?  I am thankful to know lots of people who do.♥

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Monster in the Room

This could  make me a snob, but I have a particular loathing for gimmicks.  If you want me to shun a new movie, a product, or brand, just show me a bunch of cheesy, gimmicky advertising for it.  Corny product lines designed to maximize profits on the latest thing (action figures, bed sheets, auto ornaments - barf) are the worst!  Top it off by having the general public think it is the coolest thing since sliced bread, and it really doesn't stand a chance with me.
I'm not saying I never come around, but if and when I do, I do so grudgingly.  I was probably one of the last earthlings to see a Shrek movie, and, though it had its funny moments, after seeing one, I'm good.  So when they started hyping up the new android cell phones (and couldn't seem to give it a rest), I was saying "here we go...", and defiantly declaring my loyalty to my (not so old) faithful Blackberry.  Thus far, I had been able to accomplish everything I needed to with the apps on that phone.  My yearly credit towards a new phone had become available from my service provider, but, nope, I was sticking to my guns, no matter how much people I knew raved about their insanely capable, super smart android smart phones.  I did finally begin considering some of the newer options for future reference, but I was not going to be one of the masses programmed to run out and plunk down their hard earned moulah to snag the next big thing.  Then the unthinkable happened.  One night (not so old) Betsy gave up the ghost.  I managed to shrug it off - it said "service required" on the screen- I would take it to my provider's service outlet and have them fix 'er up and it would be fine.  Not so much.  Went to pick up my device from the service outlet, and the representative said it seemed to be working again.  But by the time I got home, I realized that it must have just been a temporary return from the great beyond, because it was kaput again. :o(  All that rep gave me was a goofy come on and a phone that still didn't work.  So I resigned myself to deciding on a new device, all the time grumbling that "big brother" musta zapped my phone so I would have to concede and get on board.   I chose a phone and used the upgrade credit I had been trying to save for later.  I've been gradually getting accustomed to it, but I refuse to be an android head, running around, obsessed with my phone and showing everyone what it can do.  It may have finally won me over the other day, though.  I had a customer in another state who had ordered a piece of jewelry and couldn't figure out, despite the instructions I sent, how to make a small adjustment to the piece to personalize it.  I was at a loss, until it occurred to me to use my phone to make a short tutorial video, then upload it so she could see it.  It worked like a charm.  The video helped, the customer was pleased, and I was pretty impressed with this device.
It had helped me provide great customer service, on top of helping me do regular administrative stuff for my business.  But we'll see.  I can still be a skeptic can't I, lol! ;o)  Ha, once it makes 3 wishes come true, then I'll really be impressed... let's see, extra money, Mr. Amazing, new levels of artistic success... hey wait, I did see some interesting apps available for download...