Friday, April 5, 2024

Wax and Wane

I went the whole month of March without publishing a single post. I love writing this blog. It feeds a part of my creativity. But you wouldn't know it going by March, ha. But last month turned into "maintenance March", in which I ended up addressing the maintenance, update, reworking, and care of things in both my work/business and in my personal existence. 

It happened at a time where I had been pushing, pushing, pushing, to finish certain projects within a specific time-frame, so it didn't feel ideal. Some things ended up delayed or even tabled while I did this maintenance. I also felt rerouted to rest (when I really wanted to be working) and release things that were no longer needed. So I've found myself sort of going with the flow, reminding myself not to force what is not working (it usually works better later, lol). I waxed and waned, worked and paused.

For example, I had specific tutorial videos in progress that I fully felt would be published, no problem, before the start of April. I've been excited and inspired to get through my list of projects and video ideas this first few months of 2024. But I kept running into things that delayed them. I ran out of digital storage. I lost an almost completely edited video (I started over after breathing for a bit, lol). I burned myself on my heat gun while trying to dry a project that refused to cure. I faced some exhaustion from devoting time to other obligations. There was more, but I don't really care about itemizing further. Thankfully, I managed to keep the embers of inspiration from burning out through all of this. 

These seasons of waxing and waning with my work got me thinking of the total solar eclipse coming on April 8th. The increasing chatter everywhere seems to have reached a fever pitch. So its been on my radar, even though I haven't felt much interest in this one. 

I remember the fuss and the warnings all over tv around the last big eclipse in 2017. There were alerts everywhere reminding people NOT to watch the event directly with bare eyes. I attempted to build a contraption for my niece and nephew to watch with me. But I didn't trust that it would work. So I stood outside, aimed my *phone at the sky and filmed. I managed to do this without looking up, lol. Probably because I filmed it in selfie mode and just looked at the sun on my screen. In hindsight, I could've just set up my phone camera on hyperlapse mode and stayed inside. 

I've followed eclipses in the past for the entertainment value. I know little to nothing about them energetically speaking. But this one seems to have so much more buzz around it than any I've seen. If the moon controls the tides, could the eclipse have effects on the pace of life as we know it? I can't say. Mystics would have us belief that it does. 

Since I try to stick to topics I have knowledge on, I'll leave that to individual research. I will say the lore surrounding this upcoming celestial event has piqued my curiosity. I found endless articles and info available online, but here are links to info from NASA and to their tool that allows you to plug in your zip code to find out when to get the best look [safely]. I'm apparently not in the path of totality in my part of Georgia, but can expect to see an 80% eclipse. 

Now that I've managed to publish before another week passes me by, I'll wax back in the direction of my projects. *rubs hands together in anticipation*

How about you? Will you be watching the eclipse, or will you carry on with business as usual??

*according to NASA, this is a bad idea! Although I do still own the phone that took that footage. I'm listening to something on YouTube on it as I type this on the newer model. Read more here.

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