Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Before and Afters

Believe me when I say that I am a total nerd. So when I tell you that I think I had to squelch a little excitement over what I'm about to share, you don't have to laugh- you already know.
Not long ago, my dad suddenly decided to gift me the monstrous Webster's New Universal Unabridged Dictionary he has had for many years. I may have had to wipe a little perspiration from my brow as I got over the surprise and excitement (go with me here, okay?) of this unexpected gift.
This is a mammoth book that I have cherished and coveted for my own library since I was a kid. Not just an epic dictionary, this thing contains the U.S. Constitution, practical business math, popular names and abbreviations, presidents and vice presidents of the U.S., foreign words and phrases, - well, let's just say everything you will ever need to know in your entire life (or a round of Jeopardy). In the age of digital access to any info we desire, this thing still rocks.
Anyway, as major as this beast is, it was definitely showing its years. The cover was a true testament to the old cliché (don't judge a book...), because it had seen better days. So prior to giving it a permanent spot among my other books, I decided to give it a minor makeover. Here's the before:

Beautiful on the inside
I gathered some funky, patterned duct tape and some brown wrapping paper...
keep it cheap
And the after:
The Webster's has now officially become a part of the Renée Parker library.
Just a note: for my friends who like to borrow books and "forget" to return them (you know who you are!), this puppy is non-circulating reference, thank you very much. :o)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

All Aboard

A conversation I was having with my parents the other day stirred up a childhood memory long forgotten. Whatever we were discussing somehow came around to the subject of natural aptitudes and we began talking about things my brother and I had been drawn to and picked up easily as children. I suddenly remembered having asked my dad if I could have a piece of the scrap wood in the garage and the use of his hammer and some nails. I was a little girl who loved her toys, especially my Barbie dolls and Legos, but I also had dreams of enlisting my little brother and building a robot, or a fort, or a tree house. I remember how excited I was when my dad said yes (with a stern warning about smashing my thumbs), because for some reason, in my mind, that board could be the beginning of all kinds of wonderful things. We were going to build something magical. In hindsight, I appreciate how my parents gave my imagination space and permission to fly, and let me see where it could take me. That has definitely contributed to my sense of "anything is possible!" when it comes to things I want to create today.

I know I smashed my thumb at least once in the excitement, but knowing hammer privileges might be revoked, I kept my mouth shut. And in my experimental play, kept my mind open... to this day. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Enter 2013

Alrighty... I know I haven't posted in FORever. Well, I think a month is like forever in blogland. But here I am, excuses in hand, just about ready to get back on track for the new year. I say "just about", because the last month in my world has been about keeping up with my customers' (and my own) slew of ideas and projects, wrapping, shipping, organizing, assessing, and planning what I want to accomplish in this fresh, new year. It's also been an important time for family, giving back, reflection, prayers, and fitting in a little time here and there to acknowledge the wonders of the season (including witnessing my very first winter halo!).

my first lunar halo, and pics from my shipping department

Let's face it, with everything that has occurred in this country (and worldwide) in the home stretch of 2012, many of us have been in a bit of a tailspin. The happy take is, that once the dust settles, we can charge forward with a fresh perspective on things, (and for me, at least) an even greater determination to make good things happen, great and small, and make the most of the time and resources we're all given. Each of us has a purpose, a reason for being here, whether or not we realize it, and each of us has been given what we need to accomplish that end, if we figure it out and focus.
A little known fact about me: I love Latin, even though I never studied it, and I think a couple of my favorite phrases are very apropos right now:

carpe diem- sieze the day
vincit qui patitur- he conquers who endures
I expect to be back on track with posting this month, hopefully things that interest a wider audience. In the meantime, I've been breezing through my facebook page with updates, since it's a quick way to share- feel free to visit me there ;o)
oh, and Happy New Year!!!