Sunday, November 8, 2015

Flat Screen Eugene

I have a second-hand tv in my studio, that often keeps me company while I work. I call it Eugene, and when I'm not using it, it hides behind two doors in a niche. It's great for background noise, and I sometimes play music on it. But I mostly use it to listen to PBS specials and old movies. I say listen, because most of the time I can't look at the screen while I'm working. So I sometimes find myself looping the same media a few times back to back to hear everything.
Today I nerded out to Nova while painting. I "watched" a special about my favorite stone, amber, and its prehistoric origins. Then another about the Parthenon. Couldn't look, but I painted and yelled architectural terms over my shoulder at the screen as they discussed theories about the original construction and rebuilding of the Parthenon. (Doric! Ionic! That's entasis, people! Come on, say it!). My art history professor might be proud to know that stuff stuck with me all these years, lol.
Anyway, when I flick Eugene on and get busy, time always flies. Paintings painted, forms sculpted, photos taken, descriptions written, orders packed, whatever needs to be done. But it feels like time well spent, and I love it. ♥