Monday, May 19, 2014

Monday Mediation

A crazy Monday morning seems to be settling down into a manageable afternoon in my studio. I encountered a minor snag or two with shipping and a customer's expectations, but I put on my diplomat and customer service hats, mustered up some creativity, and faced it all head on. Things seemed to magically give way to messages about new opportunities, loose ends tied, and wonderful, kind messages from customers who had received their pieces and were happy. Yes! Take charge, and watch life make way for you. 

I am continually thankful for all the wacky, fun, and/or pain-in-the butt jobs I've had over the years in everything from sales, management, customer service, to advertising, and yes, gaffing, to name a few. All of those (and many personal experiences), in some respect have prepared me to face Mondays like this and still love what I do (most of the time). Every. Single. Job.

Working for oneself is no joke, but for those who truly want it, I would say don't despise time you spend working for others. Take full advantage of that time to learn and take notes for when YOU are the boss. I still draw on things I experienced as a teenager at my very first jobs to help me run my growing business today. I'm an artist, first and foremost, but there is no getting around managing every other aspect of promoting and selling my work until I have people who take care of that for me. And when I do, I'll know what they are confronted with, because I did the job myself first. I managed the Mondays (and every other day!).
This is going to be a good week. [Psst- make yours good, too!]