Sunday, October 18, 2015

Go With the Flow

I used to annoy my Art School professors with my insistence on doing things [creatively] in a manner different from the established approach. I wanted to sketch things from what they sometimes called "oblique" or awkward angles. I would start a project with a step that was typically designated for midway through. I would sit down at the computer to build a graphic layout of letters and symbols without first spending hours brainstorming with pencil and paper (a mortal sin, according to my award-winning typography teacher). But aggravating them had little or nothing to do with my motivation. My motivation, which has admittedly taken years even for me to understand, was to find a comfortable starting point. To break a creative goal down into bite-sized pieces and start with the easiest to digest. This approach saved me all the times when I was clueless as to where or how to start, and even when I knew what I wanted to create, but was overwhelmed with how to do it. For me, to this day, the point is to start. To use whatever inkling I have, rub it together with a little focus and discipline until I catch a spark and the embers of inspiration begin to grow. Pablo Picasso said "inspiration exists, but it has to find you working". Picture standing on a trail with a bike, undecided where you want to go. Then once you get on and start peddling, the path opens up to you, and you're on an exciting ride with some awesome scenery. Forcing has never worked for me creatively.
But going with the flow, and tinkering with the [small] portion I'm clear on works all the time. It almost always gets the ball rolling.
I recently posted about a wire figure I had started, and today I finally found a few minutes to finish the wire portion of that sculpture. With a piece like this, more often than not, I do go the traditional route of planning prior to starting, even if it's just a quick sketch to decide.
But in this case, I pictured in my mind the form, size, style, and textures before I decided one big thing. The pose! I formed the frame and even the base on which it will stand. I decided what will happen with the surface once the pose is chosen. But I won't just do "eeny meenie" and settle on, say, "I'm a little teapot" or something. I want something good. So I'll probably pause on this one again until I really connect with the perfect pose/energy.
My point is, take a task, creative or otherwise, by the horns, or the snout, or the foot, or the tail. Not necessarily what someone else tells you is the "right" way to do it. Whatever it takes to get rolling. Before you know it, you've finished.  And hopefully I will, too! I'll update this post with a link to this piece when it's complete.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Various Dummies

It's a little known fact that I have my very own team of models for my online shops. Well, actually, if you've browsed the jewelry section of my shops, you might have spotted them working their magic for the camera. I'm talking about my quirky collection of busts. 
I have slowly, over many years, accumulated a group of various types of display busts in my studio. Some I made myself, some that came from a store. But they each offer a different vibe to suit pretty much any piece of jewelry I want to figure out how to complete or  to display in a [somewhat] human way to help people picture pieces on themselves.  Here they are!
click to enlarge
A. Stella is a miniature dummy created using a store bought papier mache form. She's due for a makeover, because, well, branding. I made her wire base from scratch and decoupaged scrap paper on her. I have some newer paper that will give her the perfect look!

B. The Cyclades are papier mache forms I made, which look a little like bowling pins, but are intentionally stark so the focus is on the item they display. The big guy is finished, his buddies are new ones in progress.

C. Jezebel was ordered online. She's pretty sassy, with her low cut neckline. She has an ear with a hole, so I use her mostly to display earrings.

D. Cooper is the coolest DIY bust, made years ago using the instructions found here. This one is made from heavy card with muslin glued onto it prior to folding. This blog demonstrates a great similar approach. You could make all the busts you'd ever need, in all sizes and colors using this easy technique.

E.  Ebony is a traditional black flocked store bought bust. She's great for elegant pieces, but she attracts lint like a cat lady's sofa, so she has her own lint roller.

F. India was started eons ago, using papier mache, before I knew all the tips and tricks I would learn by just doing. I finally finished her a couple of years ago. Her top layer is pretty printed tissue, salvaged from a purse I bought ages ago (do they even stuff purses with tissue anymore?). She has adhesive backed copper tape on her neck, and yes, that's a papier mache pear where her head would be. You could ask, but I don't know why a pear, lol. I felt I needed to put something up there, and it was laying around the studio, so. Anyway, her job is usually to display long pieces or lots of pieces together.

G. Abbie- a small, store bought linen covered bust often helps me when I need to design or pin options together onto a bust for customers to consider.

H. Eve- my very first bust, was made by me in papier mache. You can tell she's been hanging around the studio for many years, because she has paint splatters all over, but I think that only adds to her charm. And she's proof that you don't need much to get started.

And that's all of them (for now)! Now that you've met them, how bout something extra?
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