Friday, March 18, 2011

Blogger's Day of Silence

I've been a bit of a busy girl lately, tending to aspects of my life and work other than this blog, but it's been on my mind, as I looked forward to a moment to get back to it and record my latest thoughts.
Another thing that's been on my mind and in my prayers is Japan.  I don't have friends or family there, except those in my giant human family, and anything I could say about it would only be an echo of the words and feelings of disbelief that have already been floating around as people directly and indirectly affected try to sort it out.
I've been silent here and haven't been able to post as a result of everyday responsibilities, but I'm writing this short note to punctuate that with an acknowledgment of a blogger's day of silence that's happening today, Friday, to signify that the people of Japan are in our thoughts.  Something of this nature defies explanation, but demands strength, and I pray they feel us sending it.     

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday in Disguise

Okay, I've checked just about everything I could off my list for today, so the sane thing would be to wrap it up and go to bed.  I am going to bed.  I got plenty on my list for tomorrow.  But I couldn't go without saying what an uncharacteristically lovely day it was for a Monday.  Sure, I had lots of work to do, but I had plenty to stop and be thankful for, as well.  This morning, before things got rolling, I successfully took some quiet time to do some reading, prayer, and just being thankful for a new day wide open with opportunities.  That's big, because it's something I believe is important, but, in my crazy busy life, I have yet to be consistent with it.  But like exercise first thing in the morning, it sets an excellent tone for the day.  They say it takes 21 days of consistently doing something for it to become a habit, and it's worked for me on other stuff, so... it was a total bonus that I spent this time outside in the sunshine, where it was beautiful, quiet, and peaceful, with just a light breeze blowing and a woodpecker going at it on a nearby tree.  Siiiiiiiiiggghhh.
 Anyway, things kept on that track as I received orders and kind messages from regular customers.  People appreciating my efforts, especially the creative ones will never fail to put a smile on my face.  And the rest was just a blur of the satisfying pursuit of checking things off my list, finishing some pieces, adding to others, packing shipments, updating things online, etc..  That's how I like a week to start!  Didn't seem like a Monday at all.  Could'a been a Thursday, maybe ;o)