Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Prayed for Rain

If I can be a bit transparent for a sec... While I've been busying myself with orders and new projects over the past couple weeks, world and local events, and personal and professional expectations and goals have had me in a bit of a funk. I've also been thinking about those of us who need clean water, and those of us who just need precipitation after 40-some odd days of drought and damaging fires.
I get impatient when I can't make, do, or fix things for myself and the world around me the minute they emerge into my consciousness. I know that's not how it works, lol. Thankfully, in addition to a ridiculous level of obsessive, perfectionist thinking, I also have the gifts of flexibility, optimism, and resourcefulness. How's that for insanity? Surprisingly, it balances me out.
ANYway, last night and this morning, some much needed rain finally hit us in Georgia, softening the brittle, dry fall. Illuminating the vibrant leaves to their full potential. And, as it happens, adding to that cocktail of thoughts swirling in me to make the perfect creative tonic (as a creative, I NEED nature and rainy days). Rain is a total, cathartic balm sometimes, whether it's coming from the sky, from a source of inspiration, or from one's eyes.  And I'll take the rain as a sign of refreshing for me and my planet, to just keep going, keep helping, keep creating...