Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Troll Trouble

Not long ago, I opted to change my blog address. I never expected, as I settled into my new address, that a "troll" would move into the old one and get into mischief, posing as me.
the perp
A troll who called himself Melvin had taken up residence at my old address (http://heartreneezanceart.blogspot.com/) and was using my name and tagline to send bogus posts out to subscribers. I'm happy that a few of you regulars knew something was up when you started getting rambling posts of nonsense about Popeye the Sailor.
The correct/new address for my blog is now http://theartofrenee.blogspot.com/. If you subscribe, and you've received one of these posts via email, simply unsubscribe from those emails. You can easily resubscribe to the correct address in the menu to the left.
My sincerest apologies for the confusion- I alerted Blogger and Google, and, as you can see if you attempt to visit the old address, the troll has been stopped! (Thank you Blogger/Google- the wheels of justice move fast!)