Thursday, November 16, 2023

Novemberish Things

Here we are in mid-November, and I'm sorta just going with the current. Not really feeling super festive, but not exactly in Ebenezer Scrooge mode either.

As it stands, since last week, I've managed to finish a number of new things and add them to my shop on Etsy (including Christmas ornaments!). As usual, I'm later than I had hoped with that and some other things (including this post). But I've decided to [mostly] accept this about myself for now and keep moving forward. 

Last week I had an idea for yet another project. I'm picking 'em up faster than I can put 'em down, baby. I sold a thank you card from one of my shops. Which had me thinking about this being an entire month about giving thanks. And that in turn inspired me to create an extensive series of thank you card designs. All kinds of thank yous. Because, well, there needs to be more gratitude in the world. 

If I had thought of it earlier, I might have tried to make it a whole "thing" where I create a new design every day of the month and share it on social media. But social media's kinda dead right now anyway, so... 

I still want to do the series, so I will, but I'll have to work it around other things. 

I've thought about Christmas decor, but I haven't lifted a finger on that front. Do you decorate for Christmas (or Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa)? If so, when? In recent years, I have concluded that IF I decorate, Thanksgiving to New Year's eve is the appropriate festive decor window for me. Anything longer annoys me, anything shorter seems unworthy of the effort to put it up. My mom's family lived by a superstition that it's bad luck to let the new year come in with Christmas decorations still up. So they must not only be put away, but the house must be cleaned (pine needles, be gone!) and all holiday decor must be packed away. 😅 It's not as bleak as it sounds, lol. New Year's day feels like a fresh, clean slate of bright winter whites and cozy January evenings by the fire... I actually look forward to it.

What a random bunch of thoughts in this post. Last one, straight from left field. My computer has been sketchy on and off for years. And now it and my printer (senior citizens that they are) are on strike, I guess. So I'm writing this late from the super computer that fits in my palm. Shoulda published Tuesday, but considering the few people who even read this blog, it's probably no big deal. 

You'll excuse any layout issues- I usually align pictures and video in my posts on my computer. So I've decided to act on another impulse I had the other day: to write a letter to Santa. "Dear Santa, You've heard of gigabytes? RAM? Because... "

P.S. Thank you for reading. 🫶🏽

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