Sunday, May 1, 2016

SmARTphone Scores

how old could it be??
I love random beauty of pretty much any variety. As an artist, I absorb inspiration constantly from everyday life. I stumbled onto a quiet little spot the other day, of what seemed to be otherwise unnoticed beauty, and I had to explore and take a few pics, allergies be damned.

For me, color, texture, and light of certain qualities draw me in, cause me to take notice and make mental notes. Thankfully, in this day of smartphones, I can do more than that. My phone is currently full of pictures like this, serving a purpose similar to a sketchbook. I have a whole folder in my phone devoted to photo references. I look at them as valuable gems to reference for sculptures, painting details, and more.  

 I love using technology to facilitate creative inspiration and work. Since I seem to use it for so much of that, I'm thinking I need to start calling it an ARTphone. Maybe even leave off the phone part, if I'm being realistic, (who makes calls anymore, lol??). Hey - it could become a thing! Off to take more pics...

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