Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Custom Connection

Mmmkay, I've been busy with things, but, well, it's time for me to pause and post, because sharing is caring, right? So I wanted to share a part of my work that offers me yet another facet of joy and fulfillment.
I often get requests from customers who've seen something in my Etsy shop, or my home website store that excites or inspires them, and they begin to think "what if?" As an artist, who wants to stir up the imagination of others, I love that! Sometimes people will ask for something in a different color, or something totally different from what they see, but in the same style. What follows is typically a few messages back and forth between myself and the customer, sometimes with pictures or sketches attached, to help their vison connect with mine. Once we're on the same page, I begin work.
I seem to get the best feedback from this type of order. Better than when folks just click "add to cart", it seems to be a great experience for all involved. Maybe it's because they get something made to their own specifications, and I get to make what they envision real. Having some customer service background, I think it's the "human touch". I mean, I am a real, breathing person with a working studio beyond this computer, and I don't employ any robots, lol.
Anyway, there's a little thrill involved, at least for me. Maybe it's the drive to really "get" what they want and exceed what they expect, or prove I can. I recently experienced that when a new customer purchased a necklace I made with my papier mache beads, then came back, thrilled with her first purchase, to order another in the shop and request a third made to resemble a decor item I had elsewhere in my shop. I loved her idea, and was excited to create it. Sometimes I like to think of it like I'm lending customers my hands and techniques to make what they would. Here's the finished piece:

a papier mache "painted stones" necklace with
ribbon tie
 I shipped this and her other piece off today. I hope she's as happy as she was with the first! And now, I'm gearing these hands up to create another special request, but I'll be back soon. I still have a few more posts to share before summer slips away!


  1. Yay! She liked them! I love this part of my work :o)))

    "I received both necklace and LOVE them!!! Thank you so much for the special order!!!" -lr

  2. Hi Renee,
    summer is over we just came home and i ran to your shop to rinse my eyes:),you did wonderful things like the painted stone necklace,congrats!!!you rock this crackle technique!can i ask,is it crackling gel you're using or some experimented white glue over acrylics?i never achieved a good result as seen on youtube but i admit i did not experimented much.
    thank you for taking the time and sharing.it's refilling :)

  3. Ildi, thanks so much for the comment! I'm thrilled you like this effect. It's taken a lot of trial and error to develop it, and a number of people have asked me for my secret! I'm looking forward to sharing a lot more of my techniques here, but am keeping this one a trade secret for now. ;o)